Our classic grinder in Huon Pine has a flowing, classical design and is good for living beside the stove for seasoning your cooking or on the dining table accompanied by salt in a dish or even with its matching salt grinder. All Huon Pine is salvaged because these slow growing Tasmanian pines, famous for their quality timber are now protected and unable to be harvested. Huon Pine is notable for its fine grain and beautiful buttery colour, making it one of Australia's most prized woodworking timbers. The grinding mechanism is Danish and has a 10 year guarantee; the coarseness of the grind can be adjusted by loosening or tightening the top while the sleek, classical design makes for easy handling and stability as well as beauty. These mills are hand turned with care and finished with a light burnishing oil. It will however, develop its own patina through use over the years as with all wood that is handled continually.


Measures 25cm in height. Please note no two grinders will be the same due to the unique grain of the timber.

Classic Grinder (25cm)