Huon Pine – Lagarostrobos franklinii

Found only in west and south west Tasmania (in a broad arc from the Pieman River in the north to the Huon River in the south), Huon pine trees grow in climax wet temperate rainforests, especially on river banks or very wet areas.  The trees grow very slowly – often less than 1mm in girth per year – and reach prodigious ages; scientists agree that many individuals are aged 2,500 years and older. The average timber tree is likely to be at least 1,000 years old. We take very seriously our responsibility to treat such venerable forest denizens with respect and care; all Huon pine used in our workshop is purchased from a licensed sawmill and comes from stockpiles or stumps and long-dead trees retrieved from the forest floor. Every log is thoroughly assessed and carefully cut and seasoned to maximize the timber quality and quantity, and even the smallest offcuts and sawdust are made available to craftspeople for value-adding.

Huon Pine Leaves

Huon Pine Timber

HP Timber sample.jpg

Ancient Huon Pine